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ShadowDancing is a dreamstate where a couple get together and dance in the shadows of a dream space. I once said to this dream visitor [ LINK ] I usually only dance alone, but he swayed to unheard music with me-to our own rhythm.

My dance partner (“V” for Voice) and I (SBD) meet in wakewalks mostly. Occasionally, we visit each other in vivid sleep dreams, which mirror our waking intimacy.

I am Scribe on WanderingMind.Space (WMS, PG-14ish). WMS’s InstaFeed is where I started to publish public transcriptions of my partner’s and my telepathic communication. It is a tranScript, a record that is a merging of consciousnesses.

I opened up eZ’s virtual public space as an adult site due to the necessity to describe and discuss even more the varying levels of shared intimacy in our relationship, some of which are very sexual. In my InnerNet logs early on I would code orgasmic experiences as eZ - those that happened in an erotic zone.

Here on eZ I am SBD, Shadow Belly Dancer. On eZ’s LiveStream I am more free to say it how it is - to describe more explicitly that very intimate relationship I share with my partner.

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